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Wolfram Summer School Lecture Series

  • Interactive Course
  • 30 h
  • Intermediate
  • 1 Certification

Estimated Time: 30 h

Course Level: Intermediate

Requirements: This course requires minimal experience with Wolfram Language to start and includes lectures of progressive difficulty ranging from introductions to more advanced topics.

Certification Levels: Completion


Wolfram Summer School provides unique educational and career opportunities at the frontiers of science, technology and innovation. Get a glimpse of the breadth of topics covered in the program by accessing this interactive course and its collection of select Summer School lecture videos and notebooks from past years. These comprehensive and extensive lectures are from content experts and Wolfram developers. Topics include the basics of the notebook interface and an introduction to Wolfram Language for both beginners and experienced programmers. Advanced lectures cover applications of machine learning, neural networks and data science as well as the use of Wolfram technology in education. You can earn a course completion certificate by watching all the videos in this interactive course, but you can only get the full benefits of Wolfram Summer School by attending.

Featured Products & Technologies: Wolfram Language and Wolfram Notebooks (available in Mathematica, Wolfram|One and Wolfram|Alpha Notebook Edition)

You'll Learn To

  • Use the notebook interface on your desktop and in the Wolfram Cloud to create applications and interactive elements
  • Process, analyze and write programs using images, audio, video and text
  • Access built-in data in the Wolfram Knowledgebase and implement data science principles
  • Write efficient programs and applications using best programming practices
  • Apply machine learning techniques, with a focus on neural network applications
  • Utilize a wide array of Wolfram technologies for different approaches to teaching and research

Certifications Available

  • Completion Certificate

    Watch all lecture videos to obtain a course completion certificate.

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About This Interactive Course

It's free and easy to get started with open interactive courses using the Wolfram Cloud—sign in with your Wolfram ID or create one. No plan is required. This interactive course includes video lessons, lecture notebooks and a scratch notebook, in an easy-to-use interface. From the interactive course, click Track My Progress to chart your certification progress as you go.