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Geometric Modeling & Computing.

Wolfram Geometry provides a comprehensive set of integrated tools and solutions for modeling, analyzing, visualizing and synthesizing geometry, tailored to everyone's needs from beginners to advanced.

Multi-Paradigm Modeling

Model geometric regions using meshes, constructive solid geometry, implicit representation, primitive instancing and more. Combine and transform regions to create new ones.

High-Quality Graphics

Render geometric regions with insightful structure or realistic appearance. Use our document-based notebook interface to dynamically interact with 2D and 3D renderings of your model and to style elements using different types of lighting, materials and cameras.

Insightful Visualization

Gain immediate insight by visualizing your data and functions over geometric regions. Choose from a rich collection of highly automated plots to see temperature, stresses, fluid flows and computed properties directly on your model.

Computational Geometry

Build your work on an extensive collection of state-of-the-art geometric algorithms such as triangulations, convex hulls, data structures and more. Analyze and understand spatial structures in various areas including geography, computer graphics, robotics and material science.

Advanced Mesh Processing

Understand intricate geometric structures and properties of your geometric data using a flexible and efficient mesh processing pipeline—constructing triangle and polygon meshes of scan or tomography input data, removing topological or geometrical errors, remeshing for improving the mesh quality and analysis and transformation.

Geometry Everywhere

Solve optimization problems, algebraic equations and partial differential equations with geometric constraints. Bridge domains and analyze geometry using graphs, reconstruct geometry from images or compute on maps.

Comprehensive Data Exchange

Increase workflow efficiency by importing data directly and by exporting your work in a wide range of 3D geometric and modeling formats, including STL, OBJ and DAE. Exchange data with external services through APIs or external software systems like Python, Unity, Amazon S3 and Thingiverse.

3D Printing

Bring your ideas to life in the real world with 3D printing. Create 3D printable models from plots, geometric modeling, curated collections of geographic, anatomical and mathematical objects and more. Immediately print on your own 3D printer or through online 3D printing services.

Games, AR & VR

Create interactive simulations for games and AR and VR immersive experiences. Take advantage of the interoperability with both Wolfram Engine and Unity game engine to programmatically control your creative and development processes.

AASTriangle AffineHalfSpace AffineSpace Annulus ArcLength Area ArrayMesh ASATriangle AugmentedPolyhedron Ball BeveledPolyhedron BezierCurve BooleanRegion BoundaryDiscretizeGraphics BoundaryDiscretizeRegion BoundaryMesh BoundaryMeshRegion BoundaryMeshRegionQ BoundedRegionQ BoundingRegion BSplineCurve BSplineSurface CanonicalizePolygon CanonicalizePolyhedron CanonicalizeRegion CantorMesh CapsuleShape Circle Circumsphere CollinearPoints ConcaveHullMesh Cone ConicHullRegion ConnectedMeshComponents ConstantRegionQ ConvexHullMesh ConvexHullRegion ConvexPolygonQ ConvexPolyhedronQ ConvexRegionQ CoplanarPoints CrossingCount CrossingPolygon CSGRegion CSGRegionQ CSGRegionTree Cube Cuboid Cylinder DelaunayMesh DihedralAngle DimensionalMeshComponents DiscretizeGraphics DiscretizeRegion Disk DiskSegment Dodecahedron DualPolyhedron Ellipsoid EmptyRegion EulerAngles EulerCharacteristic FilledTorus FindMeshDefects FindRegionTransform FullRegion GradientFittedMesh HalfLine HalfPlane HalfSpace Hexahedron HighlightMesh HilbertCurve Hyperplane Icosahedron ImplicitRegion InfiniteLine InfinitePlane InnerPolygon InnerPolyhedron Insphere Interval InverseTransformedRegion KochCurve Line MengerMesh MeshCellCount MeshCellIndex MeshCellLabel MeshCellMarker MeshCellMeasure MeshCellQuality MeshCells MeshCellShapeFunction MeshCellStyle MeshCoordinates MeshPrimitives MeshQualityGoal MeshRefinementFunction MeshRegion MeshRegionQ MomentOfInertia NegativelyOrientedPoints Octahedron OuterPolygon OuterPolyhedron Parallelepiped Parallelogram ParametricRegion PeanoCurve Perimeter PlanarAngle Point Polygon PolygonAngle PolygonCoordinates PolygonDecomposition Polyhedron PolyhedronAngle PolyhedronCoordinates PolyhedronDecomposition PolyhedronFaceIndices PolyhedronGenus PositivelyOrientedPoints Prism Pyramid RandomPolygon RandomPolyhedron Rectangle Region RegionBoundary RegionBounds RegionCentroid RegionCongruent RegionConvert RegionDifference RegionDimension RegionDisjoint RegionDistance RegionDistanceFunction RegionEmbeddingDimension RegionEqual RegionFit RegionFunction RegionIntersection RegionMeasure RegionMember RegionMemberFunction RegionMoment RegionNearest RegionNearestFunction RegionPlot RegionPlot3D RegionProduct RegionQ RegionResize RegionSymmetricDifference RegionUnion RegionWithin RegularPolygon RepairMesh RollPitchYawAngles RollPitchYawMatrix SASTriangle ShellRegion SierpinskiCurve SierpinskiMesh SignedRegionDistance SimplePolygonQ SimplePolyhedronQ Simplex SnubPolyhedron SolidAngle SolidRegionQ Sphere SphericalShell SSSTriangle StadiumShape SurfaceArea Tetrahedron Torus TransformedRegion Triangle TriangulateMesh TruncatedPolyhedron UniformPolyhedron Volume VoronoiMesh WindingCount WindingPolygon "STL" "OBJ" "OFF" "DAE" "DXF" Integrate NIntegrate NDSolve Solve NSolve Minimize NMinimize ImageMesh PolyhedronData ExampleData GeoElevationData ChemicalData AnatomyData KnotData LaminaData SolidData PlaneCurveData SpaceCurveData SurfaceData Printout3D GeometricScene RandomInstance FindGeometricConjectures Midpoint AngleBisector PerpendicularBisector CircleThrough TriangleConstruct TriangleCenter Graphics TriangleMeasurement GeometricAssertion GeometricTest GeometricStep FindInstance Reduce Tube Graphics3D SpherePoints

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