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Wolfram visualizations simplify and automate the creation of plots used to understand data and functions for everything from personal explorations to reports and published papers.

Pick the Perfect Plot

Choose from hundreds of plots and charts for everything from monthly spending and temperature trends to mathematical functions, vector fields, molecular structures and more. Rich documentation includes hundreds of examples per type.

Simply Great-Looking Plots

Create attractive plots with highly automated computational aesthetics and graphic design that make intelligent choices for default plot appearances. Curated plot themes cover everything from bold and impactful for presentations to detailed and insightful for publication.

Label Everything

Make visualizations instantly understandable by adding legends or labeling different parts with text, formulas, images and more. Automatic algorithms compute optimal label positions around points, curves and surfaces.

Data Visualization

Visualize data of any form and dimension, from points to curves and surfaces, volumes, vector fields and more. Plot tabular data from spreadsheets or irregularly measured data points. Automatically handle rich data with dates, units, error bars or missing values.

Function Visualization

Seamlessly visualize functions and inequalities over geometric regions. Adaptively sample for smooth-looking plots and automatically generate cuts for singularities in curves and surfaces.

Interactive Visualization

Interactively explore parameters in models and functions to gain a better understanding of data and functions. Immediately see effects of adjusting parameters or see how data changes over time.

Vector Visualization

Picture vector fields such as wind velocity, water flow, gradients or electromagnetic fields. Show direction and magnitude with arrows, stream lines and deformations in 2D and 3D. Identify sources, sinks, cycles and other features globally.

Complex Visualization

Understand the full behavior of complex-valued functions by plotting them directly over complex- and real-valued domains to visually locate zeros, poles and other features. Visualize complex numbers using their Cartesian or polar forms, or as vectors, combined with rich coloring schemes.

Volume Visualization

View inside volumetric functions and data. Vary the transparency of volumes to see the most interesting portions. Slice into 4D data with arbitrary surfaces to identify features that would otherwise be hidden.

Geo Visualization

Answer the "where" as well the "why." Overlay scalar, vector, graph and density data on maps for immediate spatial insight.

Create Customized Visualizations

Customize plots like a pro. Modify native plots by adjusting colors, styles and visual elements; combine them with other graphical elements for rich visualizations; build entirely new types of visualizations with a descriptive underlying graphics language.

Read, Plot, Share

Read data in a wide range of file formats, including CSV, XLS, HDF5 and more. Tell the story of your data with the right visualization. Share your creation with anyone, anywhere. Tweet animated GIFs, publish crisp vector graphics in PDF, deploy live graphics in notebooks or 3D print your plots.

ListPlot ListLinePlot ListStepPlot StackedListPlot ListLogPlot ListLogLinearPlot ListLogLogPlot ListPolarPlot ListPlot3D ListPointPlot3D ListLinePlot3D ListDensityPlot ListDensityPlot3D ListContourPlot ListContourPlot3D ListSliceDensityPlot3D ListSliceContourPlot3D ListCurvePathPlot ListSurfacePlot3D ArrayPlot ReliefPlot MatrixPlot ArrayPlot3D RadialAxisPlot ParallelAxisPlot PointValuePlot FeatureSpacePlot FeatureSpacePlot3D DateListPlot DateListLogPlot TimelinePlot DateHistogram DateListStepPlot StackedDateListPlot ListVectorPlot ListStreamPlot ListVectorPlot3D ListStreamPlot3D ListSliceVectorPlot3D GraphPlot LayeredGraphPlot TreePlot Dendrogram ClusteringTree BarChart PieChart BubbleChart BarChart3D Histogram Histogram3D QuantilePlot BoxWhiskerChart AngularGauge HorizontalGauge VerticalGauge Grid Row Column Multicolumn GraphicsGrid GraphicsRow WordCloud ImageCollage ImageAssemble GeoListPlot GeoSmoothHistogram GeoRegionValuePlot NumberLinePlot DiscretePlot AnatomyPlot3D WaveletScalogram WaveletListPlot WaveletMatrixPlot ChromaticityPlot ChromaticityPlot3D Frame PlotStyle Filling Mesh ImageSize PlotLabels Labeled Callout PlotLegends Legended LineLegend BarLegend Tooltip StatusArea Inset Around IntervalMarkers Plot LogPlot LogLinearPlot LogLogPlot Plot3D ContourPlot ContourPlot3D SliceContourPlot3D DensityPlot DensityPlot3D SliceDensityPlot3D ParametricPlot ParametricPlot3D PolarPlot RevolutionPlot3D SphericalPlot3D RegionPlot RegionPlot3D ComplexPlot ComplexPlot3D ReImPlot AbsArgPlot DiscretePlot3D VectorPlot StreamPlot VectorPlot3D StreamPlot3D SliceVectorPlot3D RectangleChart SectorChart PairedBarChart PieChart3D BubbleChart3D RectangleChart3D SectorChart3D SmoothHistogram CandlestickChart InteractiveTradingChart RenkoChart GeoBubbleChart Manipulate Animate TabView ChartLabels ChartLegends Placed LabelingFunction LegendAppearance Style ChartStyle BarOrigin SectorOrigin BarSpacing SectorSpacing ChartElements ChartElementFunction PopupWindow Button Hyperlink IconData

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