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4 results

Daily Study Group: Field Theory of Games
Special Event | FREE

Certification Levels: Completion

Learn a computational approach to economics and business using the field theory of games, a dynamic model extension of game theory. See how game theory can be extended with ideas from geometry, physics and engineering. Discussions will include applied examples from economics to give students insight into the ways a systems engineering approach can be used to understand how decisions are made. No prior knowledge of game theory or Wolfram Language is assumed, so a brief introduction to both topics will be provided.

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Daily Study Group: Introduction to Discrete Mathematics
Special Event | FREE

Certification Levels: CompletionLevel 1

This Daily Study Group follows lessons from the upcoming Introduction to Discrete Mathematics course on Wolfram U. The course explores the main branches of discrete mathematics and simple applications in computer science. It follows and expands on topics covered in discrete mathematics or mathematics of computer science courses.

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Daily Study Group: Introduction to Multivariable Calculus
Special Event | FREE

Certification Levels: CompletionLevel 1

This Daily Study Group follows lessons from the upcoming Wolfram U comprehensive introduction to multivariable calculus course. The course extends concepts from single-variable calculus to multiple dimensions. Multivariable calculus follows and expands on topics covered in AP Calculus BC courses.

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Daily Study Groups
Special Event | FREE

Certification Levels: CompletionLevel 1

Wolfram Daily Study Groups are fun, directed, incremental learning resources for building computational competence. Study Groups offer academic and professional development opportunities for anyone interested in expanding their skillset. A Wolfram instructor guides each session by sharing short lessons, polling the group to review key concepts, introducing practice problems and answering questions. Certificates of program completion are available to engaged participants, with additional opportunities for Level 1 proficiency certifications offered for select topics and areas of study.

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Course Type

  • Interactive Courses
  • Video Lessons
  • Video Courses
  • Instructor-led Courses
  • Archived and Special Events

Interactive Courses

Also known as MOOCs (massive open online courses), these courses are hosted on the Wolfram Cloud and allow you to interactively explore concepts using Wolfram Language functionality.

  • Self-paced with progress tracking

  • Include video lessons, exercises and problems, quizzes, exams and a scratch notebook

  • Sharable completion certificates available for all courses

  • Wolfram Level 1 proficiency certifications available for select courses

Video Lessons

Short recorded lessons that provide limited instruction on a computational topic or for using Wolfram tech.

  • Quick-start videos

  • Lessons from content experts

  • A wide variety of beginner-level lessons

  • Free to watch

Video Courses

Video series that build on preceding lessons to provide comprehensive instruction.

  • Each video course features a playlist of sequential lessons

  • Recorded by Wolfram certified instructors

  • Comprehensive coverage of a particular topic

  • Free to watch

Instructor-led Courses

Scheduled as online and in-person classes, these courses provide comprehensive instruction guided by a live instructor.

  • Registration required to reserve your seat

  • Taught by Wolfram certified instructors

  • Opportunity to pose live questions to experts in the room

  • Course completion certificates available

Archived and Special Events

Presentations by Wolfram developers, content experts and instructors.

  • Webinars on special topics and new release functionality

  • Livecoding sessions

  • Wolfram Daily Study Groups

  • Free to watch