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Wolfram Notebooks

Learn to create visually interesting, interactive, computable content across a range of topics using Wolfram Notebooks, both on the desktop and in the cloud. Instantly publish content on the web and share it with your team, students or the broader public.

These courses show you how to get the most out of the notebook interface and Wolfram Language so you can design, develop and share computational essays, presentations, reports, course material and more. Apply your skills to earn Wolfram Language Level 1 certification.

Upcoming Events

  • Nov 21 | Online

    Hands-on Start to Wolfram Mathematica Training Tutorials

    Join a free online training session to learn different ways to interact with Mathematica and use Wolfram Language.

  • Nov 28 | Online

    Wolfram Notebooks: Building and Sharing Technical Workflows

    In this course you will learn how to create Wolfram Notebooks, interactive and powerful computational documents. This course shows how you can combine Wolfram Language with the notebook interface to express your ideas and develop technical workflows for data science, modeling, research, education and more.

  • Dec 7 | Online

    Quick Start to Wolfram Tech

    This course introduces core technologies for getting started quickly with the Wolfram technology stack. Learn to work with Wolfram Notebooks in the cloud as well as on your desktop and familiarize yourself with the syntax and programming fundamentals of Wolfram Language.