Wolfram U

Wolfram Tech for Teaching

Estimated Time: 26 min

Course Level: Beginner


Wolfram technology brings interactive learning into the classroom and directly delivers curated real-world data to learners. Students can enhance their understanding and computational skills in many subject areas with the help of the educational technology showcased in this lesson. Topics include use of the built-in knowledgebase, interactive documents, natural language programming and the sharing of digital content.

Featured Products & Technologies: Wolfram Language, Wolfram Notebooks

You'll Learn To

  • Use Wolfram EdTech to supplement traditional classroom resources
  • Access and manipulate data without programming skills
  • Engage students with dynamic, interactive presentations and documents using Wolfram Notebooks
  • Perform simple explorations using natural language programming
  • Share Wolfram Notebooks with groups and individuals in the Wolfram Cloud
  • Create simple assessments and surveys that can be accessed from any device