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Image Processing, Analysis & Computation.

For beginners or experts, Wolfram Image provides a comprehensive and efficient set of image processing, recognition and analysis functions, tightly integrated with highly automated machine learning, statistics, visualization and more.

Object Detection & Recognition

Find and recognize people, faces, text, animals and other objects in an image using SSD, YOLO and other methods. Use the result to describe an image, count similar objects, perform motion analysis in a video and more. Applicable everywhere, from autonomous driving to security systems to medical applications and beyond.

Image Classification

Classify images using pre-trained neural networks or train your own using low data requirement methods. Typically used to automate and scale up manual classification tasks. Use the high-level machine learning framework with transfer learning and data augmentation to maximize classification accuracy.


Segment foregrounds from backgrounds. Separate objects based on colors or contours or on deeper semantic features. Typical uses include counting objects or analyzing their shapes. Use classical methods such as watershed and region growing, or apply neural networks such as ResNet or U-Net.

Feature Detection & Tracking

Detect image keypoints, corners and lines, and track them across a sequence of images. Typically used to analyze motion to create augmented reality, perform a foreground-background separation and more.

Image Alignment & Stitching

Find corresponding parts of images and align them by detecting and matching a variety of keypoints and performing sparse and dense registration. Typically used to stitch images together or stack and align them for 3D reconstruction and more.

Enhancement & Restoration

Enhance images with highly optimized linear and nonlinear filters as well as advanced neural networks to perform image denoising, smoothing, retouching, super-resolution and more.

Color Manipulation & Image Effects

Perform color adjustments, colorization, tone mapping, selective recoloring, image effects, exposure stacking and more. Choose from a rich set of supported color spaces to more easily and efficiently define and perform an operation.

Morphology & Shape Analysis

Analyze, transform and reconstruct images or image segments with image morphology functions ranging from basic erosion and dilation to advanced thinning, pruning and skeletonization.

3D Image Computations

Perform segmentation, apply filters, extract features, obtain morphological measurements and more on 3D medical and industrial images. Process and analyze 3D and display results with powerful volume rendering and extensive lighting options.

Image Acquisition, Import & Export

Import images from popular file formats (JPEG, TIFF, DICOM, etc.) or capture image data via connected devices (webcams, microscopes, etc.). Generate high-quality raster images, vector graphics and visualization and export results to a large number of supported image formats.

ImageRestyle ImageStitch Inpaint FaceRecognize TextRecognize BarcodeRecognize Binarize ClusteringComponents MorphologicalComponents SelectComponents ComponentMeasurements WatershedComponents ColorBalance ColorToneMapping Dilation Erosion DominantColors DynamicImage EdgeDetect FacialFeatures FindFaces HistogramTransform Image3DSlices ImageCases ImageCollage ImageCorrelate ImageConvolve ImageDeconvolve Sharpen ImageCrop ImageDisplacements ImageDistance ImageEffect ImageExposureCombine ImageFocusCombine ImageKeypoints Radon ImageLines ImageMeasurements ImagePerspectiveTransformation ImageAlign ImagePyramid ImageRecolor ImageResize BrightnessEqualize Lighter RemoveBackground Thinning TopHatTransform AnimatedImage "PNG" "JPEG" "GIF" "TIFF" Image Image3D Import ExampleData Rasterize CurrentImage ImageType ImageHistogram ImageData ImageValue Plus Times Power Abs Log Mean Variance Median Quantile ImageAdjust ImageCompose ImageAssemble SetAlphaChannel ColorConvert ColorQuantize ColorReplace ImageRotate ImageTransformation Opening Closing DistanceTransform Pruning GaussianFilter GradientFilter EntropyFilter CrossingDetect ImageFeatureTrack ImageIdentify ImageContents ImagePosition FaceAlign BilateralFilter MeanShiftFilter TotalVariationFilter Thumbnail ImageFileApply ImageFileFilter ImageFileScan ImageBoundingBoxes ImageContainsQ ImageInstanceQ FindImageText ImageGraphics ImageCorners ImageMesh ImageSaliencyFilter ImageCorrespondingPoints FindGeometricTransform Classify Predict Nearest FeatureNearest FindClusters Eigensystem KarhunenLoeveDecomposition InverseRadon Fourier ImagePeriodogram DiscreteWaveletTransform Blur GradientOrientationFilter LaplacianGaussianFilter LaplacianFilter MeanFilter WienerFilter RidgeFilter GaborFilter DerivativeFilter MedianFilter MinFilter MaxFilter CommonestFilter RangeFilter StandardDeviationFilter HarmonicMeanFilter GeometricMeanFilter KuwaharaFilter PeronaMalikFilter CurvatureFlowFilter LowpassFilter HighpassFilter BandpassFilter BandstopFilter DifferentiatorFilter HilbertFilter Masking ImageFilter DiskMatrix BoxMatrix DiamondMatrix CrossMatrix GaussianMatrix Partition ArrayFlatten ListConvolve ListDeconvolve FourierDCT CellularAutomaton ImageTake ImageTrim ImagePad ImageReflect ImagePartition ImageForwardTransformation BorderDimensions FillingTransform FindThreshold Threshold ImageClip MorphologicalBinarize LocalAdaptiveBinarize RegionBinarize ChanVeseBinarize ArrayComponents ImageForestingComponents GrowCutComponents DeleteSmallComponents DeleteBorderComponents Colorize HighlightImage CornerFilter ContourDetect MinDetect MaxDetect PeakDetect FindPeaks EstimatedBackground ColorNegate InverseDistanceTransform HitMissTransform BottomHatTransform MorphologicalTransform MorphologicalGraph GeodesicDilation GeodesicErosion GeodesicClosing GeodesicOpening SkeletonTransform MorphologicalBranchPoints MorphologicalEulerNumber MorphologicalPerimeter CornerNeighbors

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