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Image & Signal Processing

Start with the fundamentals of digital image processing and move on to advanced applications like object detection, recognition, classification and segmentation with the use of state-of-the-art neural net models. Also learn about the basics of digital signal processing as well as advanced topics from the field of control systems.

These courses feature many practical applications and teach how to use Wolfram Language built-in functions, interactive notebook-based tools and ready-to-use neural net models for image analysis and computation. Earn course completion certificates and work toward the image processing and Wolfram Language Level 1 certifications.

Upcoming Events

  • Feb 27 | Online

    Time Series with Wolfram Language

    This tutorial introduces the Wolfram Language framework for computing with time series data. The tutorial does not focus on any particular discipline but is relevant for anyone interested in financial analysis, biological or environmental science, the social sciences or any field with time-related data.