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Finance: Financial Modeling and Visualization

Wolfram Finance Platform offers an integrated solution for the finance industry. This course focuses on the data analysis, modeling, and visualization aspects of the platform. Practical examples with 2D and 3D visualizations will be given. We will also discuss ways to create interactive tools for analyzing and presenting findings using Mathematica's Manipulate command.

Level: Intermediate

The course is for those who have basic familiarity with Mathematica. General knowledge of mathematics is recommended.

On Demand
This course is available on demand (35:19) Free
This course is not currently scheduled.


  • Query Wolfram|Alpha about financial entities within Mathematica and directly apply Mathematica functions to those outputs
  • Rank stocks and find daily ranges for individual securities and trend lines
  • Directly use popular financial charts including Kagi chart, Renko chart, and LineBreak Chart
  • Learn about time value, annuity, and cash flow valuation
  • View examples of bond valuation
  • Explore trading charts and financial indicators