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Mathematica: A Speed Date

This course provides a whirlwind tour of Mathematica showing how decades of research in computation, language, and development together with well-thought-out design principles and solid software engineering have guided us in creating a modern computing platform. Key features, including dynamic interactivity, natural language input, and numerical/symbolic computation, as well as applications in image processing, control systems, GPU computation, and more, will be explored.

Featured Products & Technologies: Wolfram Language, Mathematica
Level: Beginner

The course is for those who have an interest in becoming more proficient Mathematica users but who currently have little experience with the software. Basic familiarity in the areas of mathematics, science, and data analysis is recommended.

On Demand
This course is available on demand (22:41) Free
This course is not currently scheduled.


  • Financial Analysis
    Optimize risk across an investment portfolio using Mathematica as a free-form exploration environment
  • Medical Image Processing
    Extract information from microscopy images using Mathematica as a development environment
  • Control Engineering
    Use Mathematica solvers to create an algorithm to stabilize an inverted pendulum
  • Statistics
    Use available built-in data and Mathematica's statistical functionality to estimate the power of a wind turbine
  • Data Analysis
    Build a web crawler that makes use of data import, transformation, and graph theory in Mathematica
  • Signal Processing
    Use wavelet analysis in Mathematica to filter historic sound data
  • Animation Fun with Mazes