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Knowledge-Based Computing: Wolfram|Alpha Integration

What are the advantages of Wolfram|Alpha integration? Based on the use of natural language to perform numerous computational tasks and data manipulations, it has a unique capability that no other system can provide. Methods of accessing Wolfram|Alpha from the Wolfram Language will be discussed. You will learn how to process information returned by Wolfram|Alpha into formatted or raw data, computable code or graphics. The presentation is suitable for novice and advanced users interested in academic, industrial, or recreational applications of Wolfram|Alpha integration.

Featured Products & Technologies: Wolfram|Alpha, Wolfram Language, Mathematica
Level: Beginner

The course is for those who have interest in knowing more about Wolfram|Alpha integration in the Wolfram Language and have a basic familiarity with web browsers and search engines. No previous experience with the software is required.

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  • What Is Wolfram|Alpha?
  • Wolfram|Alpha API
  • Methods to Access Wolfram|Alpha in the Wolfram Language
  • Tackling Applied Problems
  • Advantages of Using Wolfram|Alpha Integration in the Wolfram Language