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Wolfram SystemModeler
Virtual Conference 2014

Held September 16, 2014

Wolfram SystemModeler's easy-to-use modeling and simulation environment is ideal for a range of industries and application areas. In this free, online event for users at all levels, a general overview of SystemModeler is followed by a more in-depth look at new Version 4 capabilities.

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Wolfram Experts Live: New in Mathematica 10
Wolfram SystemModeler Virtual Conference 2014   Watch videos from the event »

New in SystemModeler 4

Featured Speakers

Jan Brugard
Jan Brugard CEO of MathCore
Robert Palmer
Robert Palmér Applications Engineer
Anneli Mossberg
Anneli Mossberg Applications Engineer
Mikael Forsgren
Mikael Forsgren Applications Engineer
Johan Rhodin
Johan Rhodin Kernel Developer
Leonardo Laguna Ruiz
Leonardo Laguna Ruiz Software Engineer
Malte Lenz
Malte Lenz Software Engineer