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Special Event

Wolfram Technology Conference 2019

Hear directly from Wolfram developers and see the newest releases, developments and features. Select from data science & AI, engineering & modeling, math & science or computational X tracks.

Special Event

New in Wolfram Language 12
Weekly Webinars

Join our experts on seven Wednesdays in September and October as they demonstrate new feature areas and expanded functionality in Mathematica and the Wolfram Language.

Interactive Courses

An Elementary Introduction
to the Wolfram Language

Learn the Wolfram Language and modern computational thinking from Stephen Wolfram's book.

Multiparadigm Data Science

Learn to chart a path from questions to actionable insights using modern analytical techniques, computation and a flexible, integrated project workflow.

Wolfram Summer School
Lectures 2018

Deepen your understanding of the Wolfram Language and explore topics from the 2018 summer school curriculum.

Wolfram Summer School Lectures 2017

Follow the 2017 summer school curriculum with video lectures from Wolfram certified instructors, Wolfram technology experts and Stephen Wolfram himself.

Video Courses

Video Classes

Instructor-Led Courses

Archived Special Events