Wolfram Computation Meets Knowledge

Instructor-Led Course

Precalculus Homeschool Initiative

1hr per session (8 weeks)
High School
1 Certification
Estimated Time: 1hr per session (8 weeks)
Grade level: 9–12
Requirements: This course requires completion of high-school coursework in algebra and geometry; no prior knowledge of Mathematica or the Wolfram Language is required.
Certification Levels: Course completion

This eight-week course is intended to prepare high-school students with a basic understanding of algebra and geometry concepts for a future calculus course, as well as to have them use the Wolfram Language to explore engaging applications that solidify their mathematical comprehension. This will be very much a hands-on course, and we'll be touching on everything from functions to Fibonacci numbers to epidemic modeling. Instruction is given on Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays, with office hours offered on Tuesdays and Thursdays.


Before registering to attend this course, students should provide their current grade level and relevant course history by completing a brief application form. A homeschool education organizer will review your application and respond with instructions for payment and registration.


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This course is not currently scheduled.
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  • Exploring quadratic, polynomial, exponential and logarithmic functions
  • Building a geometric understanding of the fundamental tools of calculus
  • Learning about logarithms and the role they play in developing a key idea in fractal geometry
  • Understanding sequences and their implications
  • Using the Fibonacci numbers
  • Modeling influenza epidemics with difference equations
  • Developing a little-known general financial function
  • Programmatically computing sin, cos, exp and more


Jonathan Choate

Jon started teaching in 1966 and was very fortunate to get involved with computers early in his career. Since then—as well as teaching mathematics at Groton School—he has been very involved in advancing the use of computers in the teaching of mathematics. Jon has participated in at least five National Science Foundation–funded programs, coauthored books on fractal geometry and polyhedra using SketchUp, and given over 100 professional talks. He loves the outdoors and spends a good part of each summer either near or on the Atlantic Ocean. Sports have always been a big part of Jon's life, and he coached football and ice hockey for over 40 years. Aviation has always fascinated him, and he even has a private pilot’s license and has started taking soaring lessons. Jon loves teaching and is really looking forward to teaching this course.