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Computational Thinking

Computational thinking is a process in which you creatively apply a problem-solving cycle to ideas, challenges and opportunities you encounter to develop and test solutions.

These courses teach computational thinking skills and include self-study modules from the Computer-Based Maths (CBM) project. Earn course completion and CBM computational thinking certificates and also apply your skills to obtain Wolfram Language Level 1 certification.

Upcoming Events

  • Apr 12 | Online

    Ecology and Environmental Science Modeling in Wolfram Language 

    Computational modeling of complex systems is central to contemporary studies of the natural sciences. This online event offers a unique workshop experience for students, educators and anyone keen on exploring the intersection of ecology and environmental science with computational modeling.

  • May 16 | Online

    Computational Xplorations

    This free, introductory course demonstrates how to interactively explore nearly any field using computation. See how computational thinking—a modern blend of critical analysis and information processing—is being applied to a range of disciplines not traditionally associated with coding