What's New in Wolfram Finance Platform 2

Wolfram Finance Platform 2 adds major new areas—further expanding its unrivaled base of computational, knowledge, and interface capabilities.

Computation-Driven Report Generation

Instantly create a user-driven report for data exploration. Combine real-time data with live computation. Deploy a dynamic dashboard as a standalone app or over the web.


Enhanced Graphs and Networks

Wolfram Finance Platform's comprehensive graphs and networks capabilities offer a nontraditional approach to finance, delivering an intuitive insight to market data.

Documentation: Graphs & Networks »

Advanced Calendar Operations

With a highly flexible system for handling dates and times built in, Wolfram Finance Platform enables you to easily find trading days, align trading days from different exchanges, and find business days in different countries.

Documentation: Date & Time »

Systemwide Support for Units

Wolfram Finance Platform has sophisticated physical quantities and a real-time currency units system that integrates seamlessly with computation and visualization.

Virtual Book: Currency Units » Documentation: Units »

Comprehensive Random Processes

Wolfram Finance Platform provides cohesive and comprehensive random processes functionality. This generalized framework enables quantitative modelers to structure complex derivative models with ease.

Documentation: Random Processes »

Integrated Signal Processing

Apply a new generation of signal processing and analysis to finance. Estimate the movement of equity prices, develop dynamic CAPM models and more, using the built-in signal processing capabilities.

Documentation: Signal Processing »

Built-in Integration with R

Wolfram Finance Platform provides data integration and interactivity to work with your existing codebase. RLink offers seamless ways to integrate R code into your workflow.

Documentation: RLink »

Intelligent Dashboard with Gauge Control

Highly customizable interactive gauges convey spreadsheets' worth of information with a single glance. Great for dashboards and reports, gauges can also be used as interactive controls for interfaces.

Documentation: Gauges »

Other New Improvements

  • New and improved core algorithms
  • Expanded capabilities in probability and statistics
  • Major enhancements to differential equation solving
  • Enhanced documentation with featured examples and learning resources
  • Redesigned default stylesheet and new templates
  • Streaming performance improvement for BloombergLink

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