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Wavelet Analysis: Applications

Wavelet analysis has been applied to a broad range of fields. Examples are presented from applications including financial time series, edge detection and denoising of images, thresholding, image and data compression, and image fusion.

Level: Intermediate

A basic familiarity with transforms and data smoothing is recommended for this course.

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  • Analyzing a Time Series Using Wavelets
    Wavelet analysis can be used for detecting discontinuities, isolating peaks, and non-stationary behavior.
  • Applications in Finance
  • Edge Detection on Images
    Similar to detecting events and discontinuities in time series, wavelet analysis can be used to detect edges and discontinuities in images and two-dimensional data.
  • Denoising Images
    Denoising of images is analogous to removing higher-frequency components from the image.
  • Wavelet Thresholding
  • Image and Data Compression
    Wavelets have excellent compression properties. Using wavelet packet transforms, wavelet best basis, and wavelet thresholding, one can perform image and signal compression.
  • Image Fusion
    Wavelet analysis can be used to combine two images in a variety of ways.
  • Other Applications