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GPU Computing: Quick Start

This course provides an introduction to the GPU functionality in Mathematica. We will start by discussing what GPUs, CUDA, and OpenCL are, as well as the reasons for their rapid adoption in fields such as biology, finance, and image processing. Through a few examples, we will discuss the GPU concepts needed to program the GPU from within Mathematica, how to deploy your solution, and how to scale across GPUs and machines.

Level: Intermediate

The course is for those who have an interest in learning about GPU computing. Limited knowledge of GPUs and how to program them is assumed.

On Demand
This course is available on demand (16:54) Free
This course is not currently scheduled.


  • What Is GPU Computing, CUDA, and OpenCL?
  • Computing with Mathematica and CUDA or OpenCL
  • Programming the GPU with CUDALink and OpenCLLink
  • Why GPU Computation in Mathematica?

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