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Geek Out with Wolfram Virtual Workshop 2014

Geek Out with Wolfram
Virtual Workshop 2014

Held April 22 and May 13, 2014

Let's have a little fun! Join fellow Wolfram technology geeks for a virtual, at-your-desk workshop featuring Q&A and demonstrations about apps, devices, Wolfram Language, and more.

Event Schedule

Lexie Tauras
Knowledge Engine at Your Fingertips: Wolfram|Alpha Apps with Lexie Tauras Get easy access to the world of computable knowledge using Wolfram|Alpha apps. This talk demonstrates key features of the Wolfram|Alpha app and shows you the extensive data and computational power available in Wolfram Reference Apps, Personal Assistant Apps, and Professional Assistant Apps. We'll find tricky Scrabble words using the Words app, calculate loan interest payments using the Personal Finance app, and track web statistics using the Wolfram Network Admin's app.
Chris Carlson
Interactivity: Building an App in 60 Seconds with Chris Carlson With the Wolfram Language and Mathematica, you really can build a useful, interactive app for exploring ideas in just 60 seconds. Starting with the 60-second app, this talk covers the ins and outs of the Wolfram Language function Manipulate, the key to instantly interactive interfaces. You'll learn techniques for attaching controls to your computations, making interfaces usable and beautiful, and interactively exploring everything from text and math to graphics and sound.
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Arnoud Buzing
Wolfram Language: Developing with Devices with Arnoud Buzing The Wolfram Language provides a streamlined framework for connecting to external devices. This session shows off the possibilities with a recreational AR.Drone quadricopter, the Raspberry Pi, and Arduino Uno.
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Q&A with Wolfram Technology Staff Geek out with Wolfram staff as we answer your questions and chat about using the Wolfram Language and connectivity to devices and preview emerging Wolfram Cloud technology.