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Mathematica Experts Live:
Dynamic Interfaces Q&A 2012

Held July 24, 2012

Do you want to build interactive interfaces quickly and easily? Need help adding dynamic elements to your work and interactively exploring everything from text and math to graphics and sound?

The recording and working notebook from this live event are now available.

Watch Event Videos and Download the Experts' Notebook

Mathematica Experts Live: Dynamic Interfaces Q&A 2012
Mathematica Experts Live: Dynamic Interfaces Q&A 2012 Watch videos from the event »
Experts' Notebook
Experts' Notebook Download the Mathematica notebook containing the examples used during the event. Download the Mathematica notebook »

Featured Speakers and Host

Yu-Sung Chang
Yu-Sung Chang Director, Technical Communication and Strategy Ever since he got his hands on Mathematica back in college, Yu-Sung has been hooked on its capabilities, especially for graphics. In his six years at Wolfram, he's been involved in the development of visualization, image processing, and spline functionality. Whenever he is not busy with secret Wolfram projects (which has become rare, by the way), he loves spending his time with family and Mathematica explorations—creating fun animations, generating math quizzes for kids, and even carving virtual pumpkins, to name a few.
Chris Carlson
Chris Carlson Chief Typesetting System Developer and Chief Interactive Graphics Developer With Wolfram Research since 1994, Chris Carlson developed the interactive graphics features that debuted in Mathematica 6. He is particularly interested in applications of Mathematica in design and architecture, and has frequently blogged about his explorations on blog.wolfram.com. Today, Chris is a jack-of-all-trades in the company, currently developing advanced interface features that will someday grace a Mathematica near you.
Faisal Whelpley
Faisal Whelpley User Interface Developer While taking calculus courses in college taught entirely using Mathematica, Faisal Whelpley discovered that it is also a powerful programming environment. In graduate school, he was actively involved in teaching online math courses, maintaining a syllabus, and managing students using Mathematica. Now he designs and develops user interfaces for Mathematica that are written in top level code. He also uses Mathematica for creating interfaces that simplify non-work related projects such as expenses tracking, investment portfolio, and file system management.
Zach Parcell
Zach Parcell Public & Community Relations Associate Zach Parcell started working at Wolfram Research in July 2011 in the Public Relations department. He will be the host of this live event.