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Wolfram SystemModeler Virtual Conference

Videos and Presentations from the

Wolfram SystemModeler
Virtual Conference 2012:
New Modeling Environment

(Held June 19, 2012)

This virtual conference introduced Wolfram SystemModeler—the high-fidelity modeling environment for driving design efficiency and innovation. The conference featured a keynote by Dr. Roger Germundsson, Director of Research & Development, and several courses and example-driven workshops.

Event Schedule

Roger Germundsson
Keynote with Roger Germundsson Roger Germundsson, Director of Research & Development at Wolfram, opens the Wolfram SystemModeler Virtual Conference 2012 with an overview of Wolfram SystemModeler and Mathematica.
Jan Brugård
Wolfram SystemModeler: Quick Start with Jan Brugård Find out how you can create and analyze models of electrical, mechanical, thermal, biochemical, and other systems with SystemModeler. This example-driven presentation will teach you how to develop models of complex systems using drag-and-drop modeling and illustrate how you can seamlessly take the models into Mathematica for simulation analysis and model design.
Malte Lenz
Wolfram SystemModeler & Mathematica: Quick Start with Malte Lenz Get a deeper understanding of model behavior using Mathematica. This course focuses on analyzing models and simulation results with Mathematica. Learn about the link between Mathematica and SystemModeler and get an overview of the powerful Mathematica functionality relevant to modeling and analysis.
Peter Aronsson
Wolfram SystemModeler: Modelica Language Concepts with Peter Aronsson This course provides an introduction to Modelica—a language for modeling dynamic systems. Topics covered include the connection principle, the connector orientation rule, available connectors in the Modelica Standard Library, language concepts, hierarchical structuring, and more.
Otto Tronarp
Multibody Modeling & Simulation: Joystick Design with Otto Tronarp In this course a mechanical model of a joystick is developed. This is a 3D multibody model with custom sub-components. Study and compare the performance of different self-centering mechanisms for the joystick by simulating and visualizing the model.
Johan Rhodin
Custom Components and Libraries: Thermal Model of a House with Johan Rhodin In this project course a complete house-heating system is constructed. The course shows how measurement data from Mathematica can be used in simulations and how the simulation results can be visualized.
Andrew Moylan
Model Design with SystemModeler and Mathematica: Stewart Platform with Andrew Moylan This project course features a model of a six-degree-of-freedom Stewart platform. Mathematica is used during modeling to plan the 3D geometry and motion of the platform. After the model is constructed, Mathematica is used for custom visualization.
Robert Palmér
Wolfram SystemModeler: Developing Systems Biology Models with Robert Palmér This course provides an introduction to the BioChem library and the Systems Biology Add-On and teaches you how you can build, simulate, and analyze biochemical models using SystemModeler and Mathematica.