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Create, Code, Deploy
Workshop for Hackathons

Held on March 10, 2015

Join hackers and coders everywhere for a walk-through of a sample project from beginning to end, followed by a code review with senior developers. Attend this free online workshop and see how absurdly fast development and deployment can be with the Wolfram Language and cloud services.

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The Wolfram Language Workshop for the Hour of Code
Create, Code, Deploy Workshop for Hackathons   Watch videos from the event »

Workshop Highlights

Getting Started with Wolfram Programming Cloud With Wolfram Programming Cloud, you can write and deploy programs from your browser in an online development environment. This quick introduction sets the stage for using this powerful tool with practical getting-started tips.
Building Your First Web App with the Wolfram Language For programmers by a programmer! Join Wolfram student intern Allen Kleiner as he builds an app step-by-step, showing the code he has recently learned.
Senior Developer Feedback Hints, tips, and tricks for writing better code faster, with less effort. Our senior developers provide their feedback on Allen's web application project.

Featured Speakers

Greg Hurst
Greg Hurst Content Development
Allen Kleiner
Allen Kleiner Student Intern
Bob Sandheinrich
Bob Sandheinrich Software Engineer
Joel Klein
Joel Klein Kernel Development Architect
Chris Carlson
Chris Carlson Senior User Interface Developer