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Video Class

Integrating the Wolfram
Data Framework

Level: Beginner Video: 24 min


Learn how to improve and extend your external data sources with the built-in data framework in the Wolfram Language. An overview of the framework's decade-long development history is provided, from the original Wolfram Language data functions to the launch of Wolfram|Alpha and the availability of the Wolfram Data Repository. Explore the extensive set of built-in entities, create lists from imported raw data, build datasets, visualize data and learn how to integrate the computational power of the Wolfram Language into your projects.

Featured Products & Technologies: Wolfram Language, Wolfram Data Framework

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You'll Learn To

  • Discover built-in entities in the Wolfram Language
  • Use Associations to create lists from imported raw data
  • Put your data into a Wolfram Language Dataset
  • Visualize your data using the Wolfram Language
  • Align your data with entities using the Interpreter tool
  • Define your own entity types with EntityStore