Wolfram Computation Meets Knowledge

Instructor-Led Course

The Wolfram Language:
Solving ODEs and DAEs
with NDSolve

1 Certification
Estimated Time: 2hr
Course Level: Intermediate
Requirements: This course requires basic working knowledge of the Wolfram Language and of differential equations.
Certification Levels: Course completion

This course covers techniques for solving ordinary differential equations (ODEs) and differential-algebraic equations (DAEs) using the Wolfram Language. It introduces the built-in Wolfram Language function DSolve for finding symbolic solutions to differential equations and the built-in function NDSolve, a general numerical differential equation solver. Related functions and the options associated with them are demonstrated with examples.

Featured Products & Technologies: Wolfram Language, Mathematica

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  • Basics of using NDSolve
  • Specifying boundary conditions
  • Using options to control the numerical accuracy of the solution
  • Selecting numerical methods to solve ODEs
  • Working with stiffness in differential equations
  • Including events in solutions of differential equations
  • Solving boundary value and eigenvalue problems
  • Properties of DAEs
  • Applying index reduction, simplification and initialization methods