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Instructor-Led Course

Wolfram SystemModeler: Analysis and Model Design with Mathematica

Level: Intermediate

This course goes into the deeper interworking between SystemModeler and Mathematica. Using components and systems created in both SystemModeler and Mathematica and creating custom visualizations and dynamic diagrams with advanced simulation control, the course attendees learn the full width of the capabilities in the combined products. Course topics are presented in alternating sessions of lectures and exercises with small class size, and in-person courses have extra time for Q&A. Hints and tips are scattered throughout the course to help the attendees. This course is for those who are interested in a deeper understanding of how Wolfram SystemModeler, Mathematica and Modelica work together. The course covers different ways to create models and components, model verification, and visualizing simulation results, as well as simulation control. Basic familiarity with Mathematica and SystemModeler is a prerequisite for this class.

Featured Products & Technologies: Wolfram SystemModeler, Mathematica

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  • Model creation in SystemModeler
    Create models with drag and drop, then simulate and analyze the models with Simulation Center. Learn the features and the workflows in Simulation Center and how they can be enhanced and improved with SystemModeler Link, including model calibration, sensitivity analysis and control system design.
  • Model creation in Mathematica with SystemModeler Link
    Create Modelica models based on equations in Mathematica. Create structural models from Mathematica, including combining models from the Modelica Standard Library with custom Mathematica-created components.
  • Simulation and Visualization
    Custom visualization of simulation results from SystemModeler and model diagrams that change depending on simulation results. Learn about real-time simulation and advanced simulation control.