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Differential Eigensystems

Investigate a Laplace Equation on a Torus

Find the five smallest eigenvalues and eigenfunctions of a Laplace equation on a square torus with a Dirichlet constraint.

Specify periodic boundary conditions on a square of length 1.

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torusBCs = {u[0, y] == u[1, y], u[x, 0] == u[x, 1]};

Specify a value at the origin. By the periodic conditions, this must also be the value at the other three corners of the square.

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constraint = DirichletCondition[u[x, y] == 0, x == 0 && y == 0];

Compute the eigenvalues and eigenfunctions.

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{vals, funs} = NDEigensystem[ Join[{-Laplacian[u[x, y], {x, y}], constraint}, torusBCs], u[x, y], {x, y} \[Element] Rectangle[{0, 0}, {1, 1}], 4];

Inspect the eigenvalues.

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Visualize the eigenfunctions.

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ImageCollage[ Plot3D[#, {x, y} \[Element] Rectangle[{0, 0}, {1, 1}], ColorFunction -> "TemperatureMap", Boxed -> False, Axes -> None, PlotRange -> All, PlotStyle -> {Specularity[White, 20]}] & /@ funs, Background -> Transparent]

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