Software Development

Compiler Performance Enhancements

New compiler technology optimizes execution performance directly from the Mathematica language using two key innovations: automatic code generation and linking, and automated multicore parallelism. This enhances Mathematica's rapid application development workflow to enable final deployments requiring the ultimate high-performance execution.

  • Automatic generation and linking of C code from compiled functions. »
  • Multicore parallelism for compiled functions. »
  • Listable operation for compiled functions to thread over input arguments. »
  • New options to control compilation of Mathematica code. »
  • New options to control execution of compiled functions. »
  • Extensive tutorials on using the Mathematica compiler. »
  • Tools to study the Mathematica compiled function bytecode. »
  • Compiled functions can be exported to C code for standalone operation. »
  • Compiled functions running in parallel automatically synchronize access to shared resources.
  • Compiled functions running in parallel use an efficient parallel memory allocator.
  • Compiled functions can insert inline code from other compiled functions. »
  • Compiled functions can make efficient calls to other compiled functions. »
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