Graphics & Visualization

New and Improved Scientific and Information Visualization

Mathematica 8 strengthens its scientific and information visualization capabilities, including dedicated support for visualizing discrete univariate and bivariate functions with rich support for custom renderings. Charting functions now include a new pairwise bar chart, new chart element functions, and support for scaling functions. Mathematica 8 also introduces support for textures and custom texture mappings in visualization functions as well as dedicated support for control systems and wavelet visualization.

  • New generation of visualization for discrete univariate and bivariate functions. »
  • Library of discrete extent element functions for rich rendering of discrete functions.
  • New paired bar chart. »
  • Support for scaling functions in bar charts, histograms, bubble charts, etc. »
  • New chart element functions for 3D bar charts etc.
  • Support for textures in surface visualization functions. »
  • Fully customizable texture mapping for visualization functions. »
  • Control system visualizations, such as root locus and Bode plots. »
  • Wavelet visualizations, such as scalograms and image plots. »
Associate Regions with Discrete Points »Associate Regions with Discrete Points in 3D »Different Univariate ExtentElementFunction »
Different Bivariate ExtentElementFunction »Control Extent Region Boundaries »Control 3D Extent Region Boundaries »
Visualize Discrete Univariate Distribution Functions »Visualize Bivariate Discrete Distribution Functions »Visualize Riemann Sums »
Visualize 3D Riemann Sums »Create Population Pyramids »Apply Textures to Surfaces and Regions »
Control Texture Scaling and Placement »Show the Gradient Field on a Surface »Create Scaled Histograms »
Use Custom Scaling Functions »Overlay Surfaces with Additional Information »Create Root Locus Plots »
Create Nyquist Plots »Create Bode Plots »Create Nichols Plots »
Visualize Wavelets with Scalograms »Create Matrix Plots of Discrete Wavelet Transforms »Create Image Plots of Discrete Wavelet Transforms »
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