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Graph & Network Modeling

Mathematica 8 introduces major new capabilities for modeling and visualizing graphs and networks. Version 8 provides convenient symbolic mechanisms for creating, labeling, and styling graphs—from the small and diagrammatic to the large and complex. All features are fully integrated with Mathematica's unique programmability, graphics, and dynamic interface.

  • Modern extensible platform for graph and network modeling. »
  • General and efficient representation of graphs and networks. »
  • Typeset characters for undirected edge (aUndirectedEdgeb) and directed edge (aDirectedEdgeb). »
  • Graphs in visual form can be used directly as input and included in programs.
  • Symbolic wrapper mechanism for associating annotations and actions with graph elements.
  • Extensible collection of graph constructors. »
  • Immediately accessible database of properties for thousands of known named graphs. »
  • Load-on-demand extensible collection of empirical graphs and networks. »
  • Direct support for random graph models. »
  • Immediate support for styling and labeling of graphs. »
  • Automation of graph layout using algorithmic aesthetics methods.
  • Support for tooltips, popups, buttons, event handlers, etc. for any graph element.
  • Built-in library of edges, vertex shapes, and graph styles.
  • Information visualization with highlighting and labeling of graph elements. »
  • Contextual menus for easy selection of graph style and layout.
  • Support of styling and other attributes determined by arbitrary Mathematica functions.
  • Comprehensive support for all common graph and matrix import/export formats. »
  • Full integration of graphs and networks into Mathematica.
Build Semantic Networks »Create Molecular Graphs »From Images to Graphs »
Encode Structures into Graphs »Build Food Webs »Load-on-Demand Empirical Graphs »
Construct Biochemical Networks »Parameterized Families of Graphs »Curated Collections of Graphs »
Generate Random Graph Models »Structure of the Web »Import and Export Graph Formats »
Built-in Library of Vertex Shapes »Built-in Library of Edge Shapes »Highlight Graph Elements »
Collection of Graph Styles »Automated Graph Layout »Pack Disconnected Components »
Graph Context Menu »Create Your Own Graph Style »Modify Graphs »
Operations on Graphs »Illustrate Transformations »Boolean Operations »
Custom Vertex and Edge Labeling »Arbitrary Expression inside Graphs »Visualize Wavelet Packet Tree »
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