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SymbolicC represents C programs and structures with Mathematica's high-level symbolic language enabling Mathematica programs to transform and optimize C. It is used extensively for Mathematica's code generation tools.

  • Uses Mathematica's core tree-oriented symbolic language to represent C code. »
  • Allows Mathematica programs to create, manipulate, and optimize C code.
  • Extends Mathematica's metaprogramming features to include working on C code.
  • Extensively used in other Mathematica 8 technologies, such as the compiler. »
  • Full support for C programming constructs. »
  • Helps avoid syntax errors in generated C code, using Mathematica features like bracket match highlighting and Mathematica syntax errors.
Support for All C Constructs »Symbolically Modify the Syntax Tree »Support for Standard Math Operators »
Understanding of Precedence »Symbolically Optimize C Code »C Preprocessor Support »
Writing Programs That Write Programs »Create Domain-Specific Language for APIs »
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