Graphics & Visualization

Enhanced Illustration and Drawing Tools

The expanded interactive drawing environment in Mathematica 8 streamlines the illustration of ideas and the annotation of graphics. The enhanced Drawing Tools palette and other features include improved tools like dynamic alignment guides and enhanced color pickers, along with more interactivity.

  • Interactive controls for adjusting fill, stroke, arrow, text, point, and rectangle appearances.
  • Dynamic alignment guides for exact drawing, resizing, and positioning.
  • Complete operations for aligning and distributing objects.
  • Sample Style tool for transferring appearances among objects.
  • Improved color pickers, including exact-color swatches and color wells.
  • Interactive rotation of 2D graphics objects.
  • Interactive copying of objects via Alt+drag.
Use Guides for Precise Alignment »Interactively Adjust Graphical Appearances »Draw and Style Graphics by Hand »
Improved Color Pickers »Annotate Graphical Output »Assemble Graphics from Diverse Sources »
Align and Distribute Graphics Objects »Rotate 2D Graphics Objects Interactively »
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