Software Development

Mathematica Shell Scripts

Mathematica 8 adds the use of the Mathematica language for writing standalone executable scripts. Mathematica shell scripts have complete access to the full power of the Mathematica language, hiding the invocation details for the Mathematica kernel.

  • Executable scripts conform to the standard Unix #! script convention.
  • Encapsulate complex multi-step computations requiring no user interaction.
  • Fully featured, self-contained Unix programs, ready to be used alone or within other scripts.
  • Easily integrated in the Unix-like workflow.
  • Can be used in a pipe, making no redirection of the standard input and output.
  • Provide argv[]-like access to its arguments.
  • Suitable for deployment on a cluster or in a cloud.
  • Can work on a server where no terminal is available.
  • Allow selective setting of script file access permissions.
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