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Import and Export Formats

Mathematica 8 adds extensive support for new data formats in areas such as graph modeling and computing, geographic information systems, bioinformatics, 3D modeling, web services, code generation, and multimedia creation. In addition to enhanced performance and new features for existing import and export modules, Mathematica 8 introduces a plug-in architecture that allows users to seamlessly integrate their own file format converters with Mathematica's Import and Export functions.

  • Handling of 26 new data formats and numerous enhancements to existing ones. »
  • New plug-in architecture for extending Import and Export features. »
  • Export of compiled expressions to C language code. »
  • Comprehensive support for all common graph and network formats. »
  • Import of additional terrain and map formats, such as ArcGRID and KML. »
  • Support for TLE satellite and GPX global positioning system formats.
  • Import of GRIB and NDK earth science formats.
  • Import of Affymetrix microarray formats. »
  • Import of BDF physiological signal recordings format. »
  • Export and import of JSON web service format. »
  • Import of Encapsulated PostScript (EPS) vector images. »
  • Import content from password-protected PDF files. »
  • Handling of QuickTime videos in a variety of video encodings. »
  • Performance improvement of TIFF and JPEG converters.
  • Editing capabilities of meta-information in FLAC files.
  • Support for storing color information in OBJ and opacity in OFF 3D formats.
  • Support for the latest Microsoft Excel format. »
  • Import of iCalendar and vCalendar formats.
  • Create and expand ZIP and TAR files with CreateArchive and ExtractArchive.
Extend Import and Export Capabilities »Collect Images from a Website »Import Graphs »
Work with Meteorology Information »Import and Visualize Microarray Signals »Colored Transparent 3D Models »
Import JSON Files from Web Services »Support for the Latest Microsoft Excel Format »Create a Sequence of Video Frames »
Import EPS images »
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