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Comprehensive Image Processing Environment

Mathematica 8 introduces a complete and rich set of state-of-the-art image processing and analysis functions for digital image composition, segmentation, feature detection, transformation and alignment, and restoration of images. Image processing functionality is fully integrated with Mathematica's powerful mathematical and algorithmic capabilities.

  • Modern platform with a complete set of image processing functions. »
  • Live capturing and processing of real-time images from imaging devices. »
  • State-of-the-art segmentation algorithms based on watershed, region growing, clustering, etc. »
  • Automatic detection of image features including keypoints, lines, corners, edges, and textures. »
  • Various functions to easily assemble, partition, and composite images.
  • Support for arbitrary geometric image transformations including rigid, affine, prospective, etc. »
  • Fully automated functions for finding the matching keypoints and aligning images.
  • Highly optimized linear and nonlinear image filters. »
  • Support for interactively defining a region of interest and processing the specified region.
  • Variety of functions for image restoration, noise removal, etc.
  • Extensive collection of image and data deconvolution algorithms. »
  • Complete set of skeletonization, pruning, and shape reconstruction methods. »
  • Blob and segment analysis using shape and pixel intensity measurements. »
  • Built-in multi-threaded algorithms and GPU implementations of many functions. »
  • Compact representation of images for less memory consumption and fast processing.
  • Full integration of images into Mathematica's interface construction.
Segment an Aerial Image  »Track Moving Objects »Detect Edges »
Detect Straight Lines »Find Faces in an Image »Find Objects of a Specific Color »
Remove Noise from an Image »Create a Motion Blur Effect »Enhanced Segmentation by Smoothing an Image  »
Segment Cells »Analyze Segmented Cells »Removing Background Features »
Register Images »Stitch Images Together »Deconvolve a Blurred Image »
Process a Live Image Stream »Distort an Image »Repair Image Defects by Inpainting »
Create Pseudo Coloring »Simplify a Mask »Create a Stained Glass Effect »
Match Image Histograms »Change an Image Background »
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