Graphics & Visualization

Financial Visualization

Mathematica 8 includes state-of-the-art financial charting functions and a wide-ranging collection of technical indicators.

  • Visualize financial data in many ways for different purposes—prices vs. time, changes vs. time, and prices with indicators. »
  • Use built-in sources of financial data. »
  • Specify styles for up and down trends using a variety of built-in collections or explicit sets of styles.
  • Add labels to charts based on date events. »
  • Provide modernized versions of classic financial charts such as Kagi, Renko, point-figure, and three-line break charts. »
  • Full support of wrappers on data such as Style, Speak, Button, PopupWindow, and Annotation, etc. »
  • A new collection of ChartElementFunction options made for financial charts in the Chart Element Schemes palette.
  • Augment charts using a large collection of technical indicators, including SMA, EMA, MACD, RSI, and Bollinger bands, etc. »
  • Work with all time series data provided by data paclets and outside resources.
  • Interactively explore technical indicators to analyze stock prices. »
  • Customize the parameters of whole collections of technical indicators. »
Use Candlesticks to View Prices »Use OHLC Markers to View Prices »Use Built-in Financial Data »
Highlight Trends with Different Color Schemes »Use Color to Display Trend Direction and Intensity  »Customize the Appearance of Chart Elements »
Interactively Select Appearance Elements »KagiChart »RenkoChart »
LineBreakChart »PointFigureChart »Label Historical Events by Date »
Use Placed to Position Labels »Use Wrappers to Annotate Events »Annotate Charts with Data Wrappers »
Create Trading Charts with Financial Indicators »Select from the Large Library of Built-in Financial Indicators »Add Unlimited Indicators to Trading Charts »
Interactively Explore Prices and Indicators »Create Highly Customized Charts »Create Charts with Non-Financial Data »
Combine Charts to Create New Presentations »Use Statistical Visualization to Analyze Financial Data »Create Unique Charts with Different Visualizations »
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