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Parametric Probability Distributions

Building on the world's largest collection of special functions and two decades of development of symbolic and numeric algorithms, Mathematica 8 provides an unprecedented level of support for parametric distributions. By systematically adding distributions in common use from a wide variety of disciplines such as finance, actuarial science, communication, life science, statistics, etc., Mathematica now provides a complete parametric modeling and analysis framework.

  • Largest collection of parametric distributions in any system. »
  • Extensive support for heavy-tail distributions. »
  • Extensive support for extreme value distributions. »
  • Several dozen properties directly available for all distributions. »
  • Symbolic and numeric results available for all properties.
  • Extensive documentation with properties and relation to other distributions.
  • Extensive collection of applications for all parametric distributions.
  • Automatic parameter estimation and goodness-of-fit testing. »
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