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Wolfram Language Certification Prep (Study Group Sessions)

Wolfram Language Certification Prep (Study Group Sessions)
Archived Event | FREE

Refresh and enhance your Wolfram Language knowledge and prepare for the Level 1 certification exam. In these sessions, we review core areas of the language, including programming, graphics and visualization, machine learning and cloud functionality. In the final session, we look at exam practice questions.

Course Overview
  • Video 160 minutes
  • Video 259 minutes
  • Video 357 minutes
  • Video 459 minutes
  • Video 561 minutes
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Wolfram Language for Python Users

Wolfram Language for Python Users
Video Course | FREE

This video course briefly describes the synergy between two different programming languages, Wolfram Language and Python.

Course Overview
  • Video 111 minutes
  • Video 222 minutes
  • Video 342 minutes
  • Video 45 minutes
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Wolfram Language Introductory Tutorials (Study Group Sessions)

Wolfram Language Introductory Tutorials (Study Group Sessions)
Archived Event | FREE

Follow this Study Group to learn the Wolfram Language from the ground up—no prior experience necessary. The first few sessions provide a working understanding of patterns, functions, data structure and datasets. While this Study Group is aimed at beginners, other sessions cover subjects often saved for more advanced users, including graphics, data visualization, simple user interfaces and even machine learning. A number of mini projects are provided along the way to help participants apply lecture concepts to real-world problems.

Course Overview
  • Video 149 minutes
  • Video 249 minutes
  • Video 355 minutes
  • Video 451 minutes
  • Video 528 minutes
  • Video 649 minutes
  • Video 755 minutes
  • Video 852 minutes
  • Video 956 minutes
  • Video 1026 minutes
  • Video 1185 minutes
  • Video 1251 minutes
  • Video 1348 minutes
  • Video 1449 minutes
  • Video 1522 minutes
  • Video 1650 minutes
  • Video 1749 minutes
  • Video 1852 minutes
  • Video 1950 minutes
  • Video 2051 minutes
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Wolfram Language Programming Fundamentals

Wolfram Language Programming Fundamentals

Requirements: This course does not require experience with Wolfram Language. It is a suitable course for those with introductory-level skill in any programming language who want to further develop Wolfram Language programming skills.

Certification Levels: CompletionLevel 1

This course provides a solid introduction to anyone who wants to develop an understanding of programming in Wolfram Language from the ground up. It features concise lecture sections, lesson notebooks with self-check exercises for further study and tips for writing Wolfram Language code. This is the first course in the Wolfram Language Programming Proficiency three-part course sequence.

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Wolfram Notebooks: Building and Sharing Technical Workflows

Wolfram Notebooks: Building and Sharing Technical Workflows

Requirements: This course requires no prior knowledge of Wolfram Language or Mathematica.

Certification Levels: Completion

In this course you will learn how to create Wolfram Notebooks, interactive and powerful computational documents. This course shows how you can combine Wolfram Language with the notebook interface to express your ideas and develop technical workflows for data science, modeling, research, education and more. Discover how to build rich computational essays and presentations and publish to the cloud. No experience with Mathematica or Wolfram Language is required.

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Wolfram Summer School Lecture Series

Wolfram Summer School Lecture Series
Interactive Course | FREE

Requirements: This course requires minimal experience with Wolfram Language to start and includes lectures of progressive difficulty ranging from introductions to more advanced topics.

Certification Levels: Completion

Wolfram Summer School provides unique educational and career opportunities at the frontiers of science, technology and innovation. Get a glimpse of the breadth of topics covered in the program by accessing this interactive course and its collection of select Summer School lecture videos and notebooks from past years. These comprehensive and extensive lectures are from content experts and Wolfram developers. Topics range from the basics of the notebook interface and an introduction to Wolfram Language for both beginners and experienced programmers to advanced applications of machine learning, neural networks and data science and the use of Wolfram technology in education. You can earn a course completion certificate by watching all the videos in this interactive course, but you can only get the full benefits of Wolfram Summer School by attending.

Course Overview
  • Section 11.25 hours
  • Section 27 hours
  • Section 36.5 hours
  • Section 42.25 hours
  • Section 53.25 hours
  • Section 63.5 hours
  • Section 72 hours
  • Section 81.25 hours
  • Section 92.75 hours
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Wolfram Technology in Action: Applications & New Developments Webinar Series

Wolfram Technology in Action: Applications & New Developments Webinar Series
Archived Event | FREE

This three-part webinar series showcases innovative applications and the latest Wolfram Language developments in data science and AI, engineering and modeling, and mathematics and science. Each session includes presentations shared at the Wolfram Technology Conference accompanied by talks from Wolfram staff scientists, application developers, software engineers and Wolfram Language users who apply the technology every day to their business operations and research.

Course Overview
  • Video 177 minutes
  • Video 217 minutes
  • Video 322 minutes
  • Video 419 minutes
  • Video 534 minutes
  • Video 628 minutes
  • Video 719 minutes
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Writing a Wolfram Language Function (Study Group Sessions)

Writing a Wolfram Language Function (Study Group Sessions)
Archived Event | FREE

Requirements: Some programming knowledge is recommended for this Study Group.

Learn what makes a good Wolfram Language function and how to create one on your own. We'll begin slow with standard function syntax and structure, then move on to arguments, patterns and options. We'll also cover topics like how to extend a function's capability with overloading, recursion and iteration, memoization and function upvalues. Later sessions will discuss error handling and extra tips. Some programming knowledge is recommended for this Study Group.

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Writing High-Performance Code in Wolfram Language

Writing High-Performance Code in Wolfram Language
Video Lesson | FREE

Wolfram Language is an extremely flexible language, suitable for rapid prototyping and high-performance execution, but the flexibility to solve problems in many different ways can also lead to writing suboptimal code. This video will explore some of the key issues you can address to optimize your Wolfram Language code. It will also share tips and tricks to ensure that your code executes as fast as possible.

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Course Type

  • Interactive Courses
  • Video Lessons
  • Video Courses
  • Instructor-led Courses
  • Archived and Special Events

Interactive Courses

Also known as MOOCs (massive open online courses), these courses are hosted on the Wolfram Cloud and allow you to interactively explore concepts using Wolfram Language functionality.

  • Self-paced with progress tracking

  • Include video lessons, exercises and problems, quizzes, exams and a scratch notebook

  • Sharable completion certificates available for all courses

  • Wolfram Level 1 proficiency certifications available for select courses

Video Lessons

Short recorded lessons that provide limited instruction on a computational topic or for using Wolfram tech.

  • Quick-start videos

  • Lessons from content experts

  • A wide variety of beginner-level lessons

  • Free to watch

Video Courses

Video series that build on preceding lessons to provide comprehensive instruction.

  • Each video course features a playlist of sequential lessons

  • Recorded by Wolfram certified instructors

  • Comprehensive coverage of a particular topic

  • Free to watch

Instructor-led Courses

Scheduled as online and in-person classes, these courses provide comprehensive instruction guided by a live instructor.

  • Registration required to reserve your seat

  • Taught by Wolfram certified instructors

  • Opportunity to pose live questions to experts in the room

  • Course completion certificates available

Archived and Special Events

Presentations by Wolfram developers, content experts and instructors.

  • Webinars on special topics and new release functionality

  • Livecoding sessions

  • Wolfram Daily Study Groups

  • Free to watch