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How do societies advance into the future? By using the best technology to take the lead.

Societies that foster ecosystems for education, research and technology become global leaders in development and innovation. Decision and policy makers in Ecuador are keenly aware of this, and they have embarked on an ambitious project: to transform their country into a hub of research and innovation, introducing Ecuador as a global force in the international network of knowledge development. They trust Wolfram technologies to fuel that transformation.

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Red Nacional de Investigación y Educación del Ecuador (CEDIA) is a leading organization that embodies the new path for technology, education and research in Ecuador. Wolfram has defined the state of the art in technical computing for three decades with Mathematica, the principal computation environment for millions of innovators, educators, students and agencies around the world. That's why CEDIA leadership chose Wolfram as the key technology partner in advancing their mission.

Wolfram Technology System products available from CEDIA:

All CEDIA-member universities can request Wolfram products free of charge: Request license

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Wolfram technologies are used by many companies to accelerate their innovation process, easily access and analyze their data and meet their most complex scientific and technical needs. Our products and services provide intuitive and powerful tools for algorithm development, numeric and symbolic computation, data analysis, computational geometry, reporting, machine learning, image processing, modeling and simulation of complex systems and much more.

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