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Collaboration and Sharing with Mathematica Online

Download Presentation Notebook Level: Beginner Video: 20 min


Encourage group collaboration by sharing content in the Wolfram Cloud. Mathematica Online complements desktop usage by offering cloud-based access to Wolfram Notebooks, web forms, instant APIs and other content. This video will show you how to deploy your interactive content to the cloud, where your public audience or private group can access it with their web browser, without needing a Mathematica license. You'll also learn how to embed interactive content into a webpage or CMS/LMS, as well as how to share notebooks in a classroom setting or with project stakeholders.

Featured Products & Technologies: Wolfram Language, Mathematica

You'll Learn To

  • Deploy code to the Wolfram Cloud to make it accessible on the web
  • Use web form functionality to create interactive content and apps
  • Create an instant API for deployment
  • Publish interactive notebooks
  • Control access to your online content
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