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Instructor-Led Course

Visualization & Graphics in the Wolfram Language

Level: Beginner


Get the inside scoop on visualization in the Wolfram Language. This course covers both basic and advanced topics in visualization. Learn to create simple plots of functions and data, as well as complex interactive ones. Static and interactive graphics programming in the Wolfram Language is also covered, in addition to best practices that enable you to create large graphics efficiently. The differences between visualization techniques are illustrated with simple examples, which are then expanded to build larger real-world applications. The course is for anyone who would like to become proficient in using Mathematica and the Wolfram Language for graphics and visualization applications.

Featured Products & Technologies: Wolfram Language, Mathematica

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  • Introduction
    A brief overview of visualization in the Wolfram Language.
  • General Visualization Overview
    Plotting curves and data; styling plots with legends and labels; charting; domain visualizations in statistics, wavelets, control systems and more; an applied example creating an interactive chart with real-world data.
  • Graphics Language
    Creating, labeling and customizing the size of graphics; using colors; graphics objects in 2D and 3D; coordinates and transforms; combining graphics.
  • Advanced 3D Graphics
    Lighting and camera types for graphics; interactive controls; surface properties; tips and best practices.
  • Mastering Dynamic Visualizations
    Build an interactive visualization app; interactive controls and customizing the appearance of interactive apps; using Dynamic; tips and best practices; additional resources.