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Wolfram technologies have long been a major force in many areas of industry and research. Leaders in many top organizations and institutions have played a major role in using computational intelligence and pushing the boundaries of how the Wolfram technology stack is leveraged for innovation across fields and disciplines.

We recognize these deserving recipients with the Wolfram Innovator Award, which is awarded at the Wolfram Technology Conferences around the world.


Esma Gel

Cynthia Hardin Milligan Chair of Business and Professor of Supply Chain Management and Analytics, College of Business, University of Nebraska–Lincoln

Areas: Modeling Dynamical Systems with Mathematica, Research and Analysis

In her previous role as an associate professor in the School of Computing, Informatics, and Decision Systems Engineering at Arizona State University, Esma Gel used Mathematica for a system dynamics model related to the spread of COVID-19.

Gel’s team, ASU METAz, helped guide the Arizona Department of Health Services by supplying predicted outcomes to various “what if?” policy questions. The team periodically released accurate projections for cases, hospitalizations and deaths in Arizona for more than 15 months, often being featured in mainstream media outlets.

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