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Wolfram technologies have long been a major force in many areas of industry and research. Leaders in many top organizations and institutions have played a major role in using computational intelligence and pushing the boundaries of how the Wolfram technology stack is leveraged for innovation across fields and disciplines.

We recognize these deserving recipients with the Wolfram Innovator Award, which is awarded at the Wolfram Technology Conferences around the world.


Martijn Froeling

Assistant Professor, University Medical Center Utrecht

Areas: Image Processing, Research and Analysis, Software Development

Martijn Froeling is an assistant professor specializing in quantitative neuromuscular magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) at the University Medical Center Utrecht. His work revolves around enhancing MRI techniques to better understand muscle function and diseases.

MRI scans provide valuable data, but they need careful processing and analysis. That’s where Froeling’s QMRITools paclet comes in. The paclet is a handy toolkit for experimental design, data analysis and teaching. Since its launch in 2012, it has been used in over 50 scientific papers. Originally created to analyze muscle diffusion-weighted imaging data, QMRITools has expanded its scope. It now includes features like cardiac analysis (including tagging and T1 mapping), Dixon reconstruction, EPG modeling and fitting, J-coupling simulations and more.

The paclet currently offers over 450 custom functions, making it a valuable resource for researchers. Plus, there’s extensive documentation with more than 750 pages, and each toolbox comes with demonstrations. With these tools, Froeling aims to simplify quantitative MRI analysis, benefiting our understanding of muscle injury and disease.

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